Public Safety

Lamont believes that everyone should feel safe in the place they call home and that a comprehensive public safety approach requires both immediate and long-term solutions.

As Alderman, Lamont will:

  • Take strong action to address gun violence in our community by supporting the creation of a new Office of Gun Violence Prevention in City Council, and implement on a local level, the anti-assault weapon and anti-ghost gun legislation Lamont recently helped pass in Springfield. Through these efforts, Lamont will work to target and disrupt the flow of illegal guns into our neighborhoods, and make our community a safer place for all.

  • Work to foster a culture of community policing by hosting regular town hall meetings with representatives from the State Police, Sheriff’s Department, local police department, community leaders, and members of the public. These meetings will provide an opportunity for open dialogue, problem-solving and collaboration, and will help to build trust and understanding between law enforcement and community members.

  • Continue to create safer neighborhoods. As a State Representative, Lamont allocated tens of millions of dollars within the Southside of Chicago to improve public safety.  As Alderman, he’ll implement a comprehensive approach that addresses crime reduction through infrastructure improvements, such as: increasing lighting to improve night time visibility to increase safety and cut back crime, addressing environmental factors that can contribute to crime, such as litter and debris, by implementing measures like regular street cleanings and tackling the problem of abandoned properties that can attract criminal activity.

  • Take decisive action to address the needs of individuals experiencing mental health crises by reopening public mental health clinics and fully supporting the Treatment Not Trauma Campaign. Through this expansion, crisis workers and paramedics will be better equipped to respond to non-violent 911 calls, helping police officers increase their response time and focus on their core mission of public safety.

  • Steadfastly work towards creating stronger and safer neighborhoods by actively promoting and facilitating the formation of block clubs, which serve as a vital link between community members and local law enforcement, promoting communication and collaboration, and increasing community engagement and participation in neighborhood safety initiatives.

  • Take a proactive approach to crime prevention by addressing the underlying causes of violence and providing greater access to resources that support at-risk youth. This will include initiatives such as youth mentorship programs, before and after school programs, and partnerships with local businesses to provide job and skills training opportunities for young people. By addressing the root causes of crime, we can create safer communities and improve the lives of all residents.

  • Advocate for Mental Health Support for CPD to improve officer well-being to reduce the likelihood of officers becoming overwhelmed or excessively reactive in high-stress situations.